Weight Loss and Body Image: Self-help Guides Offer a Positive Approach

Weight loss and body image issues are a major focus of many self-help books and guides.  This is because they often contain guidance that comes from first-hand knowledge of the situation.  Another reason is because they typically offer positive approaches to the way we should deal with our problems.  More often than not, the information that we get from a self-help book may not be original or unique.  But sometimes, the same words spoken in a slightly different way can make a big difference.  You’ve heard the expression:  “All of a sudden a light bulb came on in my head.”  This is what happens when the right self-help book manages to read like the author wrote it specifically for you!

Feeling Better about You  

In the website article:  How Self-Help Books Improve Your Personal Growth, it highlights an interesting thought about self-help books and feeling better about yourself.  “Many guides help to reveal the underlying causes of your problems and issues.”  The example that was given to support this statement is the book:

Weight Loss Success Guide (The Truth about Obesity in America And How to Finally Succeed at Losing Weight) By Justiss Goode

Read the article (or the book).  See how this information absolves over-eaters of some of the blame and guilt for their poor eating habits.  Needless to say, this knowledge can help to improve the reader’s self-esteem and self-worth.

A Positive View

The self-help book:  How to Live Life in a Positive Bubble (A Daily Guide to Positive Thinking) By Charm Baker touches briefly on “body image”.  The counsel it provides about having a positive view of your body image is for everyone.  It helps to drive this point home by emphasizing the fact that ALL of us suffer from some type of negative body image.  Just as the above publication about obesity distributes part of the blame to society, Baker mentions a similar point.  Once again, another author focuses attention on the underlying causes of our body and image issues.

Individuals who struggle with losing weight and a negative body image will benefit from Baker’s self-help book, along with other titles like:  Beautiful Confidence – How to Be Confident and Build Self-Acceptance By Rachael Yahne