Halloween Home Decorating Ideas from a Self-published Author

Halloween, and other holidays provide an opportune time for some authors of do-it-yourself (DIY) arts and crafts or home decorating guidebooks.  Since my own focus is currently on promoting and marketing these and other types of help aids, I’ll be spending the remainder of 2016 highlighting various DIY and self-help guides.

With the holiday season fast upon us, we’ve already begun to see different holiday items put on sale in the stores.  For those individuals who like to stay ahead of the crowds, here is a tip on a great ebook about decorating your house for October 31st.

Create a Haunted House

Self-published author Jeff Schoettker offers some cool Halloween home decorating ideas for the do-it-yourself decorator in all of us.  His book:  How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween is just what you need if you’re determined to be the scariest house in the neighborhood!   Who better to get this kind of great home decorating advice from then a self-proclaimed “weirdo” who absolutely loves Halloween?


The “How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween” title is listed on the DoitYourselfBooks.info website for good reason.  It provides a simple and enjoyable guide to follow, created by a virtual Halloween expert!  Learn how to create your own spooky haunted house with all the effects.  You’ll get instructions on how to do including making spooky Halloween props.

This awesome little book is available at Smashwords.  It’s more than just a book for the arts and crafts lover or the home decorator.  This book is truly for the Halloween enthusiast!

Check out: How To Make Your House Haunted For Halloween by Jeff Schoettker