Self-publishing your own book can be heaven and hell on earth!


My name is Charm Baker and I am a self-published author just like you. My most recent endeavor was the December 2016 release of:

Skipping Childhood:  A Novel (From Abused Foster Child to Adolescent Serial Killer)

This dark urban drama about a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship starts with child abuse but ends in murder.  The suspense mounts after each killing and a neglected 12-year-old fights to survive abandonment and foster care.


This Blog

Although this blog caters to the brand new self-published author, those who aren’t so new can also benefit.  The fact of the matter is; I’m not really a brand new self-published author myself.  I published my very first ebook around 2012 (if memory serves me right), and since then, I’ve published several others; thus the reason for this blog.


Over the past few years, the little ebooks that I published received very little marketing, relatively speaking.  In truth, I was under the same misconception as so many other new authors:  “If the book is good, it will eventually sell.”  Unfortunately, I discovered that wasn’t the case, but so far, I had only written short ebooks, no more than 10,000 or so words.

When I finally published my novel (Experimenting With Murder), it was the longest work I had ever written, plus it was my first work of fiction.  Needless to say, I understood a little better the need for marketing and promotion.  The only problem was, I didn’t realize just how much marketing and promoting was needed or for how long.  After 3 long months of very diligent marketing efforts, I got disappointed, disgusted, discouraged, and finally distracted.  I went off on a whole other online venture and allowed my book to basically sit on the shelf.

By now, some of this story might be sounding familiar.  I know quite well that I’m not alone in my utter despair with regard to my self-published books.  But like you, I also realize that it doesn’t make sense for all my past efforts to have been in vain.  That means that there is no giving up, there’s only TRYING SOMETHING ELSE!  This blog and this network is what I’m trying.


  • My primary mission for this blog is to help me to generate more ebook sales, plain and simple.
  • My second objective is to help anyone who supports or becomes a member of this blog generate more ebook sales.
  • My final objective is to cause self-published authors to think outside the box when it comes to selling their ebooks.  If what you’re doing is not working (even though everyone says to do it), it’s time to try something different.

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