Why Am I All Over the Web?

Why Am I All Over the Web?

This year in 2017, I’m trying hard to consolidate all my internet past, present and future activities so everything is available in one area.  Well, what I’ve discovered about my past online endeavors is that I am basically all over the web.

For years, my son has been telling me to focus on my website and building my own brand.  Now that I’m finally trying to actually do this, I see why it has taken me so long to even make the attempt.  There is so much that needs updating, revising, or simply just getting rid of!

All Over the Place

For more than two decades, I’ve been working online in one capacity or another.  As a result, I’m all over the web, and not necessarily in a good way.  NO – I don’t think I have any compromising photos or anything like that in the cloud.  What I’m referring to is, the fact that I’ve been involved in a whole lot of internet activities.  They all call for setting up profiles and providing a variety of information.  As the years go by, a lot changes and things become less or more important.  Somethings just become irrelevant and not worthy of mentioning.

Trying to sort through all the activities, accounts, and other online crap is an ordeal.  Deciding what to keep, and what to let go of is worse than spring cleaning!  With the help of my know it all son, I’ve tried my best to redesign my website so that it reflects the best of what I’ve done and what I’m continuing to do online and with my writing career.  Here’s the web address:  http://charmbaker.com

Moving Forward:

As I move forward, the above web address is where I’ll be doing most of my blogging and basic updates related to self-publishing.  The site is now designed to accommodate regular blog posts, in addition to keeping readers informed of my status .

This SELF-PUBLISHED blog will continue to provide important, but more SPECIAL news and content related to the self-publishing industry, as well as my own self-publishing journey.  Of course, readers can always visit my website also for as much information as I can possibly provide on these and other topics, like this one:

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