KBoards’ “Book Discovery Day” Promotion (Update)

My KBoard Book Discovery Day was scheduled for their Tuesday blog post, the day they typically feature new or overlooked books.  Since I’m committed to giving an honest review of the $15 service, I’ll admit to my readers that I was a bit irritated when I went to their blog page several times during the course of the day, only to find that the book discovery related post wasn’t posted yet.  That being said, I decided to cut them some slack after checking for the final time on Tuesday evening.  I resolved to just wait and view the posting tomorrow (now today).

After a quick run to my local post office this morning, I checked in with the KBoards blog at 11:00 am and still no mention of the current “Book Discovery” titles.  I found the previous Tuesday’s post, as well as other previous dates, but not the current post.  Then I remembered that they said to be sure and check their Facebook page about the blog post.  When I went there, that’s where I saw the current link.  I followed the link and found my book details midway down the page (screenshot below).

“Book Discovery” Benefits?

So the question is this really a beneficial book promotion service and would I use this particular promotion again?  FOR SURE!  I don’t know how much I’m winning with it right now because it’s too soon to tell, but I know I’m definitely not losing by getting my book in people’s face.  So be sure to check me out on the:

KBoards Book Discovery Day (Blog Post)


There was one small point that I was a little miffed about; the fact that the blog post link – when used in social media – automatically displays one of the book images from the page and it wasn’t mine.  I had to make sure I indicated in my posting that my book is ONE OF THE BOOKS featured on the page, so they wouldn’t mistakenly think the image in the social media post was my book.  Other than that, I was happy to make various mentions about the KBoards blog post to my own Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts if you decide to use KBoards.



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