KBoards: Why I Plan to Use Kindle Boards Book Marketing in 2017


As most new and existing Indie authors know, KBoards is a popular Kindle book marketing resource site.  They offer a number of great of marketing and promotion opportunities for new indie titles.  In a previous blog post, I spoke about two of those marketing opportunities.  Today I would like to provide updates on one of those services.  That service is the $35 “one day featured book” service.

I knew my book, “Skipping Childhood: A Novel (From Abused Foster Child to Adolescent Serial Killer) would be featured for one day on Monday November 28th.  The night before, I decided to log into KBoards and see if there were any suggestions on what I could do the next day to help me get the maximum benefit from the promotion.  It just so happens that it was after midnight when I logged into KBoards, which meant that technically it was already Monday.  Low and behold, the first thing I see when I log onto the sight was my book ad – YAY!


I checked into the website periodically throughout the day and of course my ad was still there, just as promised.  I know that KBoards is a reputable site with a pretty good Alexa rating.  They get very decent traffic, therefore, your book can gain a good amount of exposure, even for one day.  Although I’ve yet to see what the results are from this promotion, I believe the $35 is money well spent.  I may even purchase the two day plan next time around.  I think it was $80.  If you’re a self-published author with a new title to promote, I wholeheartedly recommend using KBoards.  You can notice what the simple but (hopefully) effective book ad looks like in the screen shots below, plus see how strategic the ad placement is on the page.



There are several things to notice in this second screenshot (below).  First of all, there are links in your add that will offer visitors 3 different ways to view your book.  I believe the “Open it” link should enable them to read a sample, however since my book is a pre-release, the sample text is not available until the actual December 1, 2016 release.  Therefore, this particular link in my ad did not work.  Authors may want to keep this point in mind if you plan to use the “Featured book” service prior to your own book’s release.

The second accessible book link is the “Amazon” link in your ad.  This allows visitors to go directly to your book’s Amazon buy page so they can purchase it right then and there.  Cool huh?

The last link in your ad is a cool “Hover” link.  It allows them to see details about your book by simply hoovering over the link.  The screenshot you see below is an image I captured when I used the hover link.  As you can see, my book details for ““Skipping Childhood:  A Novel” is displayed.  Visitors get a chance to see that this title is an urban novel and a dark coming of age story about a twelve-year-old who resorts to killing as retribution.


To learn more about this book, feel free to visit the book’s new compaion blog site:  skippingchildhood.blogspot.com because it outlines details about the book, as well as the characters.

To learn more about KBoards, visit:  www.kboards.com


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