Local “Writing Buddy” Wanted for Upcoming NANO Challenge!

I recently posted that I’m ready to move on with my career as a self-published author and face the next big challenge.  I’ve accomplished the difficult feat of actually writing and publishing my first novel – something not even some of the best “writers” have succeeded at doing.  Now it’s time to focus on writing a “best-selling” novel.  I’ve learned that clearly, that is something that requires a whole lot more than simply finishing a book.


So now, I’m pumped up about trying it again, but this time getting it right.  That is why I posted an ad recently, seeking a serious-minded writing buddy; someone who is also ready to tackle the challenge of writing a successful novel.  And to really fire things up, I’m ambitious enough to be prepared to pull this off in just one month!  Here is what I wrote in the ad:

GREETINGS:  All writers, self-published authors and future authors; no matter which category you fall into, the month of NOVEMBER is an opportunity for you and me! I’m ready, are you?

Now is your chance to give yourself the push you need to start AND finish that novel that’s been rattling around in your head.

Every year, National Novel Writing Month (NANO) inspires and motivates thousands of writers to take the plunge, and this year, I for one plan to join them. That is why I’m seeking a writing buddy who is just as serious about writing their own novel; specifically someone who is LOCAL to the Los Angeles area. [Male or Female]

I’m currently a self-published author of a number of non-fiction titles, but with only one work of fiction. The success of my existing novel “Experimenting With Murder” (released in 2014) has been slim to none, with monthly sales barely trickling in. I’ve been reluctant to write another novel, until I could understand and correct my publishing mistakes.

The upside of things is: During this time, I’ve managed to learn a lot about self-publishing and what it takes to write a best-selling novel. I can’t wait to get started next month and I would love to share the experience alongside someone who really gets it! I know we could help and motivate one another from start to finish, resulting in two awesome novels!!!

I live in south central Los Angeles, but can travel to surrounding areas to meet up and network (library, coffee shop, park). My current schedule is very flexible and I have lots of time to devote to writing next month. If interested, you and your time should be equally committed. We can encourage one another, act as a sounding board, or simply challenge each other to stay on task.

Do you want to give it a try? If so, please email me ASAP and provide a number so we can discuss it more.


At this point, I’m taking ALL comers – the more the merrier, just as long as you’re committed.  Drop me an email if you are.


Starting a New Novel: Preparing to Dive Back In!

Today I made the decision to start another novel so now I’m busy preparing to dive back in.  As I’ve indicated in my recent Just Charm blog post, I’m determined to give my full and undivided focus to writing myself a best selling novel!

Thanks to the things I’ve learned from my first writing and publishing attempts, I know a lot more about what to expect, AND what not to expect.  I also understand much better, just what it takes to create the kind of book that many people want to read, and not just a select few.  I posted what I think I need to do in the above mentioned blog post, and I think viewers on this site will appreciate these points also.


  • Take the reader somewhere else! BUT give them something familiar and make them relate
  • Give them a puzzle, a mystery or something to solve or wonder WHY– little at a time but keep them guessing
  • Write active and descriptive scenes the reader can visualize BUT not wordy!
  • Create colorful and real characters that readers love to hate and hate to love
  • Write emotional, engaging and thought provoking dialogue
  • Create lovers, relationships and “causes” the reader can cheer for all the way (make readers really care about the outcome)
  • Include twists, turns and “a ha” moments that the reader didn’t expect
  • Provide plausible resolutions that: Answer questions sensibly and satisfy the reader
  • Ending should leave a good taste in their mouth and make them want more.

These are things that I believe will really help in all my upcoming fiction writing endeavors.  If I play my cards right, I truly might just end up being a best selling author.

Marketing Along the Way

My primary plan is to truly immerse myself in my latest endeavor so I can write some really good fiction.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing some kind of marketing along the way.  I believe that if I start laying a good foundation and building a fan base early, there just might be some REAL hope for my next book.

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts earlier this year, I fully intend to make some much needed revisions to my current novel:  “Experimenting with Murder”.  The plans I have in mind might actually amount to releasing between one and three books in this mermaid series.  But before I start to tackle that particular project, I want to see how it feels to do things right from the beginning and not have to go back and do damage control.

Shaking Off the Fear

I won’t lie and pretend I’m not afraid of starting another big project.  There is something very non-threatening about working on a simple little ebook that is barely enough content to publish in print form.  But the idea of starting and finishing a full-length novel is very intimidating.  I’m anxious to begin but fearful at the same time.

In spite of these feelings of apprehension, I expect to start writing the first chapter of my upcoming book no later than this weekend.  I still have a few things to finish, in the way of research.  I’ve been dragging my feet, because I know that once that is done, I have no  more excuses.  It will finally be time to start writing!  In fact, now that I’ve said it out loud and told all of you, I’m COMMITTED!  Wish me luck.  I’ll keep you all posted 🙂