Self-published Authors Needed for eBook Buying Network



Self-published authors who want more ebook sales can’t afford to miss out on this new book buying network exchange.  I’m ready to purchase 30 new ebooks from different newly published authors.  Would you like your ebook to be among the books that I buy?

I will:  Read, Review, and Promote the ebooks I buy.

Read the details on how to participate in this new “Book Buy Exchange” between authors.  They explain why this may be the perfect solution for getting more book sales and reviews.

All the facts about how the Book Buy Exchange works are also available in detail.  Read and see just how simple it all is.

When you’re ready to join in and have your self-published ebook purchased, just do what the easy to follow steps say so we can get things started.


The above images show my current ebooks available for Book Buy Exchanges.  Here are the links to view the book descriptions and to purchase a book when you are ready.

NOTE:  To help my book do better in the search engines, I have provide the following anchor text links for you to use when you want to purchase a book.   One link is for Smashwords, and the other is for Amazon.  I PREFER Amazon purchases, but you’re welcome to use Smashwords if you want.  Please remember to make your book purchase by following one or the other anchor links.

Shut Up and Write!  Step-by-Step Guide How to Get Paid to Write Within a Week

This new writers resource ebook can be purchased on Amazon.  The release date for this 30,000 word guide is actually April 9, 2016, but I set it up on Smashwords so readers can pre-order it by following this link to one of the best writing resources online.  PRICE:   $4.99 cents [50% off coupon @ Smashwords]


Experimenting with Murder (A Mysterious Island Adventure) 

Readers looking for a good read can pick up this mysterious island adventure at Amazon. Follow the journey of the four teenagers in the book.  Join them as they race through the jungle searching for answers to the secrets that the island holds.   PRICE:  .99 cents  AMAZON  KDP ONLY


Quick and Easy Ways to Protect Your Fruits and Veggies (Plus 10 Fruit & Vegetable Smoothie Recipes)

Amazon readers who are interested in proper produce care can purchase this quick and easy guide. This guide to healthy fruits and vegetables is also available at Smashwords. Buy it and learn how to protect your produce for you and your family.   PRICE:  .99 cents


Toxic Friends and Other Friendships (A Candid Relationship Guide)

Discover if you truly have toxic or genuine friends when you buy this book at Amazon.  If you prefer the Smashwords copy, no problem. Just purchase this candid relationship guide and see what kind of friends you really have.  PRICE:  .99 cents


How to Live Life in a Positive Bubble (A Daily Guide to Positive Thinking)

If you’re looking for a helpful book on developing a positive mental attitude then you should purchase the above title at Smashwords. This book can help with the day-to-day problems of life. It is a valuable how to guide that can also be purchased on Amazon.   PRICE:  .99 cents